Fantastic Fox 5!

July 10, 2018


On June 15 (2018) I got the chance to experience one of the coolest events of my life. I got to be featured on Good Day DC on Fox 5 News!!!!! I was so excited and nervous when the time came to go live. But before I get to into that I want to tell you about the interview that took place at my house and wasn't live.  For the first interview two people came to my house. One of them was the camera man (Nelson) and the other one was the one that was going to ask me all the questions (Terri). They were both very nice people. They made sure that I was ready and not nervous about anything. Our friend Dave Singer from the DFGF Board also joined us for the interview. Some of the questions never got to be shown on TV, so I will tell you some of those and my answers. One of the questions was whether I had anyone that I wanted to mention or thank. I said "My school and my loving and supporting friends and family."  Another question was about what was next for me on my mission to save gorillas. My answer was "I don't know at the moment but when I am a lot older I definitely want to start my own organization. My mom says wishes she recorded the interview on her phone so she could remember all the things that were said!


A few days after the pre-taped interview, the live interview came around. The interview was actually on the very last day of school. We drove downtown to Washington, DC and arrived at the studio where a security guard took us back into a "Green Room." We had to wait about an hour until it was my turn. I was running around to try and get the jitters out. When it was my turn to go on, I looked around and suddenly everyone in the studio was wearing Gorilla Heroes t-shirts! It turns out a company called Eastern Motors sponsors this news segment called "Pay It Forward." They had heard about my story and wanted to help out. After they showed the pre-taped interview, Allison Seymour introduced me and asked me a few questions. Joel from Eastern Motors was there and and he surprised me again with a donation of $500 to my DFGF fundraising page and a Sakura gift card (my favorite restaurant).  We also got to advertise our upcoming Gorilla Gala (which I'll write about in another blog post) and show off my Grampy's awesome logo.

Then it was time to get pied! Joel, Allison and I all got pied for the gorillas! It was epic!! It was a time I will never forget.





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